2018-06-21 Smart Seven Stars (I)


Class One: First Class Software

2018-06-21 Smart Seven Stars (I)  


A new concept of Hotel Management (SHMS) 


It is an honor to announce the launch of our new Hotel system, we cannot call it PMS (Property Management System) since it would limit its functionalities, that is why we baptize it as SHMS (Smart Hotel Management System). With our Smart Seven Stars, we like to boast of possibly being the best system in the world for the management of your hotel.

Smart Seven Stars is learning languages, currently available in English, German, Portuguese and Spanish,

We have dedicated a hard effort in I+D+i since 2014, to get to apply the latest 4-layer technology and here is the result of our research and almost 30 years of experience, which explains this new concept of SHMS, that gives us an idea of how far we can carry using Smart Seven Stars.

We will publish a series of news explaining different remarcable components (5 in 5) of Smart Seven Stars

  • Smart Rates, a friendly, simple, fast and intelligent system in the formulation and changes of Rates.
  • Cognitive search of the kardex.
  • With all states and provinces (NUT II and III), and ISO2 / ISO3 of countries incorporated into the system.
  • Photos and locations of the rooms are incorporated so that the client can make their choice or upgrade (pre-checkin)
  • Foreign currency (OEC3 for BCE)

 We would like to indicate the ease of use of the product, which implies the learning curve is practically non-existent







Cognitive search of the kardex.



If you want to make correct statistics or want to have the data required in the different countries, Smart Seven Stars provides this information with the internal codifications of all the normalized States of the world as well as of the different provinces.

ISO 3166-1 alfa-2

ISO 3166-1 alfa-3

ISO 3166-2 is part of the ISO 3166 standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and defines codes for identifying the principal subdivisions (e.g., provinces or states) of all countries coded in ISO 3166-1. The official name of the standard is Codes for the representation of names of countries and their subdivisions – Part 2: Country subdivision code. It was first published in 1998.



The Classification of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS; French: Nomenclature des unités territoriales statistiques) is a geocode standard for referencing the subdivisions of countries for statistical purposes.[The standard is developed and regulated by the European Union, and thus only covers the member states of the EU in detail. The Classification of Territorial Units for Statistics is instrumental in the European Union's Structural Fund delivery mechanisms and for locating the area where goods and services subject to European public procurement legislation are to be delivered.



Currency Foreign 

(OEC3 for BCE)

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