2019-04-01 Class One agreement with Aldaba Partners


Class One: First Class Software



On the path of far-reaching agreements, we are honored to have signed a collaboration agreement of Class One with the firm ALDABA Partners, Global Hospitality Advisor.

Thanks Nacho Aranguren González-Tarrío, (founding partner of Aldaba Partners) for trusting us


Nacho, little can be added in the world of business and hotels, his prestige is well known. He began his professional career at Coopers & Lybrand as an auditor, joining later on Corporación Financiera Reunida (COFIR) as Portfolio Manager in 1989 and being appointed Managing Director of this same company in 1992. After taking part in COFIR´s MBO in 1996 and after the merger with NH Hotels (currently NH Hotel Group, S.A.) in 1998, he was appointed Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) leading the areas of Corporate Development and Assets Management, roles carried out until June 2017



Group Class One 
Rafael Alberti 6 Bajo
15172 -Perillo (Spain) 
 +34 981613709

 E-Mail: comercial at classone dot es

2019-03-25 Class One en Canarias


Class One: First Class Software

2019-03-25 Class One en Canarias

Class One resumes operations in the Canary Islands - Tenerife.


 Canary Islands

It is a pleasure to reach a distribution agreement with Kristian, for your seriousness, desire for progress and expansion plans on the island of Tenerife, in addition to your knowledge of the area. Have a computer professional who supports the Class One software, as you well know is very important


Having the great help of your wife Athenea, a great professional in the hotel world, will facilitate the quick start-up of the Hotels that hire our Seven Stars Software.

It is good to also count on the commercial infrastructure with Javier Merino, also a great connoisseur of hotels throughout the Canary Islands, to whom he has dedicated his entire commercial life in many facets.

The results will be visible in a very short time



To thank Class One and Javier Sabariz in particular, for placing their trust in us to be distributors in the Canary Islands of Class One.

We are a company located in the south of Tenerife dedicated to computing and telephony, specialists in both software and hardware.

We accept the challenge of being part of the Class One team and the distribution in the Canary Islands, eager to continue growing and improving. "


Group Class One 
Kristian Rodríguez Álvarez
+34 687972003
+34 922705258

 E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2019-03-25 Class One in Perú


Class One: First Class Software

2019-03-25 Class One in Perú 

Class One starts operating in Peru.




Following our national-international expansion, we have had the great fortune of having as our representative for Peru, in the great professional Paul Chavez Cavero Egusquiza that will give the necessary support so that Class One is a reference of the computerization of the hotels in that beautiful country .

Paul Chavez Cavero Egusquiza 


Professional in customer service and hospitality. Responsible and committed to the vision of the guests in each interaction, maintaining the desire to meet expectations that they usually have when they move or enter a hotel / restaurant.

I work in operational and functional positions in well-known and high demand restaurants.
Then I had the privilege of knowing and learning the functions and the value of being a senior supervisor of an international chain hotel.

I worked with rigorous standards and normative policies for the proper functioning of the work, however I found it much more exciting and challenging to relate with people of different cosmo-vision who helped me improve my skills such as: Teamwork, guidelines on results and understanding each day of each of them.

Parallel to that experience, I was given the opportunity to apply the knowledge and redirect it towards future professionals. This last also fills me not only on a professional level but also on a human level.

I accept the great challenge of representing Class One in Peru as its Distributor

Group Class One 
Urb. La Calera
Distrito de Surquillo, Lima - Perú
 +51 956 139 513

 E-Mail: paulchavez at pe dot classone dot es 

2018-11-01 Galicia-México - AVICAVICA





This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


New incorporation as a Class One collaborator in the Account Executive Area of Galicia and Mexico:


From avicavica and with the direct support of Class One, will perform the functions of sale and installation in the sector of Restaurant and commercial collaborator in the Hospitality sector.


México                 Coordinate the different Distributors already appointed in Mexico, to meet the demands that in that country need in the sector Restaurant and Hotel.  


Federico Orozco

+521 55 1333 3997

Denis Cabrera

+521 55 2558 2238




Necesitas generar una identidad de marca, una página web, soporte en diseño gráfico, papelería, menús, soportes de venta o redes sociales. Acércate a nosotros, podemos resolver todas tus necesidades. Te ayudamos a generar una estrategia para que tus clientes siempre te identifiquen.


Distribuidor Galicia

A Class One, le demandaban cada vez más localmente por parte del sector de Restauración funciones tales como:

  • Identidad de Marca
  • Artes Visuales
  • Diseño Editorial
  • Diseño Gráfico
  • Diseño Industrial
  • Diseño Digital
  • Marketing Digital

Hemos tenido la suerte de que avicavica cumple con enorme éxito todas estas funcionalidades

A Avicavica, le demandaban cada vez más un servicio 360º en el sector de Restauración, por lo nos hemos unido para dar un mejor y global servicio.

Viviana Carrasco
 +34 657 30 0531

 E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

E-Mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2018-11-01 Argentina





    After a certain time in standby we started our journey in this beautiful land again.  

Our Delegates in BsAs (Buenos Aires) or Mendoza will assist them in the doubts that they have both in the sector Restaurant and Hotel.

The coordination will be centralized in our Account Executive: Jorge Sabariz




Carlos Yácomo

+549 26 1588 4591


Jorge Sabariz Baeza
Account Executive
 +34 650049393

E-Mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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