2017-01-25 Seven Stars SmartRate

Class One where future is now

Re-platforming Seven Stars Web 4.0 


We begin this new series of progress reports on the Web 4.0 re-platforming of our Seven Stars PMS.


SmartRate. Smart Rate Engineering.


First Part.

On January 2017 we've held premiere presentations before a selection of our client hotels introducing the first steps of the Seven Stars Web 4.0 system.

We specially highlight their opinions regarding the new SmartRate system, "intelligent rate creation and development".

Our main focus has been:

Easy to use, friendly and fast tools, with which you can instantly adjust rates to the market. "Time to Market".

This is part of the feedback we've gotten:


With this, I just don't know what else to ask for from you, it was the only thing I saw complicated in the "old" software, now it's so easy. I'll have more time to tend other choresEdurne Martinez. Head of Hotel Accommodation.


Clear the rate components in order to act in a more flexible way on those which are of our interest. Luis Villamediana.  Freelance Consulting on Hotel Management & Class One Delegate in Mediterranean Spain & Balearic Islands


From home and with two clicks I deal with all the Y&R Management regarding pricing in my hotel. You just cannot get any easier or smarter. Vicente Rodríguez Cortina.  Financial & Operations Director.


After the presentation, as always I was pleasently surprised, but knowing you, I did not expect any less from you, you're always on the right track. “Always looking to fulfill the client needs, fast, effective, easy to use product”. Juan José Díaz. Resort Financial Director.


We've woken the monster. We're so afraid of you, very soon the IT system will deliver orders to us and not the other way around. Iratxe, Head of Reception.


Your next step could well be inventing the staffless hotel, so we'll just collect revenues and buy more hotels. Thank you, Javier, it's hard to keep up with you, I hope you'll stay in Spain and not move to the US. Care to make and appointment for installing it in our systems?Juan Carlos Tamayo. Hotel Owner.


Thank you very much for the presentation, Javier, the “Smart Rate” will no doubt be a great work tool: easy to use, fast and very useful in our daily matters, "well done".  José Rodriguez. Hotel Chain Financial Director.


Thank you, Javier. Simple, intuitive, easy use, fastness, this is what we all crave for and you've done it. And this is just the rates. I'm already looking forward to seeing the full software…. Don't stop…  Armando Martínez Díaz-Cano. Head of Reservations & Reception. 



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