2017-06-21 ClickMobile Solutions 

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The future of the restaurants is already the present ... Hardware and software are merged into a device thought and designed exclusively for the restaurant and the hotel environment. As a result of the integration of two companies focused on the improvement of equipment and applications for the hospitality industry, a comprehensive solution emerges that will revolutionize the customer's experience when ordering products, both in hotel and in restaurants enviroments. Clickmobile Solutions and Class One are the two companies responsible for designing this global solution, in which an interactive multi-touch table (ResTTable) uses one of the best softwares and hotel PMS,s worldwide.


More details of the ResTTable functions and videos on the following link ...




But ... What is ResTTable?


In this world increasingly oriented to "Internet of things" a Spanish startup called Clickmobile Solutions thinks about designing a device that allows to fast the times of order by the client in the restaurants,  reducing the time of the staff taking orders and sending the orders directly to the kitchen, avoiding frequent errors inevitable (human failures). We all know kiosk systems that do more or less this same function but, as expected, ResTTable is not only that. 4 people can order simultaneously from the same table, as well as simply call the waiter with only one “click”, getting the check or display the menu in different languages. After that, the costumer can wait the delivery of his order enjoying diverse games, videos or simply surfing by Internet.


On the other hand, ResTTable, is completely customizable in color and design, to adapt to any decor and is thought to satisfy all the real needs of any restaurant, hotel, pub or club. Built with the most resistant materials, to withstand the most adverse conditions that can occur in any interior or exterior space. Its tempered glass, almost one centimeter thick, makes it practically unbreakable from falling glasses, dishes or objects of any kind. On the other hand, its robust iron protection, makes of ResTTable, an anti-vandalic table valid for any environment.


From the point of view of the real investment return by the restaurants and hotels owners, ResTTable serves as an advertising display screen, allowing real options of sponsorships, notifications with offers and banners located in areas of the table, projection of advertising videos, etc. Turning into an ideal showcase for brands ready to reach a large number of consumers.


If, to all these functionalities, we add the integration with a software with the trajectory of Class One, you get a highly competitive product ready to rise as the first in its class.


Jorge García
 +34 680309527

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