2018-05-19 StarPOS release 18.05


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2018-05-19 StarPOS release 18.05 


KPI's - Dashboard

Direct and striking KPI's Dashboard

Thanks to our constant research and in order to report  greater knowledge to the properties, we include a new option (D.I.4) in our Business Intelligence where we show up to 21 triple KPI's  comparatives (current, weekly, monthly).We are very proud to have found new effective KPI's that do not even have a name in the sector, apart from the usual ones like RevPASH, RevPATH, Bounce Rate, ...


Be able to compare at a glance:


  • a day with the previous one
  • a week with the previous one
  • a month with the previous one


and get to know if we have improved or worsened and how much in each of the 21 KPI's.

Don't you think this is the way to take the control of our restaurants to the future?


All this already exists in Class One

Group Class One 
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15172 -Perillo (Spain) 
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 E-Mail: comercial at classone dot es


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