2017-10-28 Business Success StarBEO 


The new Event Control System (MICE) combines power and technology, with experience and use since 1993.

 Miguel Marcos

Director de Operaciones - Operations Manager

Sunset Beach Club

Avenida del Sol, 5 29630 Benalmádena Costa Málaga, España


At Sunset Beach Club we use StarBEO for the management and sale of events in 10 possible venues. We have up to five users introducing and updating events simultaneously. We can contact the client through the software via email or SMS and send him contracts with the services confirmed, proformas or final invoices. All operating departments receive the Service Order via email and they can access the software to see future and upcoming business in the pipeline to arrange their resources accordingly. This saves us a lot of time that we used to spend sharing and sending the information. The invoicing of 250+ annual events is very easy, as once the quote is done, we only need to confirm it to produce the invoice. The potent BI module allows us to see the business pipeline at its different stages (tentative, quoted, confirmed) with different KPIs, and its value in € and the number of pax expected. We can see on screen the past and future business on a 3-year comparison.


We have gone from the Stone Age of an excel sheet to the twenty first century with the help of Class One!!



Dossier: http://www.reservahotel.com/00/en/201702en-StarBEO.ppsx


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