2020-05-12. SHMS (Smart Hotel Management System) incorporates Facial Recognition.  “Your future is our present”  . 




Class one announces the availability of the facial recognition interface incorporated into our mobile

Customer web Mobile, always keeping in mind the future and valid for the new Covid 19 regulations


The solution NOW.



Facial recognition techniques are already in normal use in many sectors.

From Class One we make this need known in Hotels and incorporate it as one more element in our CWM (Customer Web Mobile)

It consists of two steps: 

Before - Hotel (Pre-Check-In)

Previous identification in which your photo of the DNI / Passport / ... is compared, with a photo / selfie of the guest, to check the correspondence between the two, being registered "facially" in the system.





Identification by the Hotel's Web camera, and if it is positive, you will receive your Accommodation Contract on your phone, Welcome, ..., you will connect with door openings to do it from your Smartphone




 Javier Sabariz

President & CEO Class One Group 

Group Class One 
Rafael Alberti 6 Bajo
15172 -Perillo (Spain) 
 +34 981613709

 E-Mail: comercial at classone dot es

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