2019-09-30 Class One. USALI included Software Hotel (SHMS).


To speak of USALI, was understood as part of the Accounting, this way of thinking accompanied me during years (1990-2018), even in the conferences that on the matter (USALI) I have had to give, because well it has taken an important qualitative leap, it is no longer so, in our SHMS, an automatic and daily module of emission has been added for the budgetary control of the incomes to the purest style of the formats USALI.

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This USALI-style balance is generated daily in the Hotel program, and sent to the Management and Financial departments in a fully automatic manner so that they can make and take the pertinent measures.

This example even contemplates options for hotels that have TS Time Sharing, the concepts of income are grouped as each hotel sees fit, always in 3 large groups "Room Sales", "F&B" and "Others".

© Class One 2019  
© Class One 2019  
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